Wish Like Zuzu


I am not one to wish when I have all I need to be happy. I have travelled to the other side of a blown candle and I starlight and bright each day with my children. My love for the people I love is carried away with paper cranes and carry my hopes tied with the larger sides of wishbones.  I fall asleep each night knowing each of my dreams echo down a well.

I need no guarantees for wishes to be fulfilled. The faith in coins left behind in the trunk of a tree or hanging from a banyan’s branch to float in the breeze is what makes the wish beautiful to believe in.

All I need are the Zuzu Petals I’ve had in my pocket all along: love, happiness, laughter, family, friends, and all the these, thats and other things filling and spilling out of my world. I have the Little People I am constantly picking up off the floor and the dirty underwear in the front bathroom. I have school lunch to make, dinners to plan and cook, friends to call on, family to send silly texts or pictures to. I have the hysterical and maniacal laughter from my 2 year old inspired from seemingly nothing, her constant jumping off just about everything and her desire to do everything like me. I have the people I love so dearly who are constantly holding my hand, reminding me they are ever present.

I have no reason to wish. I have every reason to smile.

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3 thoughts on “Wish Like Zuzu”

  1. Will says:

    Holding hands with someone you love definitely makes the heart smile, the soul sing, and brings joy to every day. No wishing required.

  2. Brandee says:

    I think that this is my very favorite post.

  3. Love it. x

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