wisdom, galaxies, and starlight

Wisdom.  What was the wisest decision you made this year, and how did it play out?

Depending on how far a star is from the earth, it takes about 4 years and 3 months for the light of the closest star to reach us here (Alpha Centauri).  Yet, our perception of how we see this light is different. The farthest stars (quasars) are billions of years away. For example, it takes only about 8 minutes for the light of the sun to get to the earth.  What does this mean, really, in terms of wise decisions?  What I think it means is this:  when we look at the stars at night, we’re looking at history.  The starlight we perceive has been traveling, hurdling towards earth for perhaps thousands of years in star-time before we can even see it in our own galaxy.  These decisions I make… who knows what wisdom will come of it.  The impact of them may not be known for light years.

This year has been filled with many decisions. Some very difficult.  Some terrifying.  Some soul-searching.  There were decisions that made me filled with joy.  Heart filling.  Decisions, by their very nature, are pondersome and propel movement.  

But have I made wise decisions this year?  I don’t really know.  To be quite honest and fair I don’t think this prompt can be answered straight away.  I think wisdom is something that can really only be gained with perspective, and perspective needs a measuring stick that can’t be created in so short a time.  

I hope, though, that when enough time has passed from this year when my family when through the refiner’s fire, I will be able to reflect on the decisions I made — the difficult and painful ones — and mark them as wise.  I do believe I will as they have shaped us all so profoundly, but I don’t dare to be so bold quite yet.  

Decisions, like time, need room to age and speed through life’s continuum.  And the stars… where the present and the past collide… I will stare at the stars and marvel at the time behind and ahead of them.  I will wonder where I fit amongst them.  Somehow, I will manage to reconcile where I fit in the heavens and know, just know, that my decisions, if not wise, were at least right.  That is enough. 
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4 thoughts on “wisdom, galaxies, and starlight”

  1. that is enough, and that was a beautiful piece. i like that place where the past and the present collide.

  2. Heartful says:

    So beautifully put. Thank you.

  3. "Somehow, I will manage to reconcile where I fit in the heavens and know, just know, that my decisions, if not wise, were at least right. That is enough."
    Yes it is. I don't know that we can ask for much more. Beautiful.

  4. I hope you can move forward in peace and reflect on the decisions of 2010 as a wonderful blessing of growth–perhaps opened doors for great adventures and opportunities.

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