when much is given

Being moved.  Tell us about a time this year when you were moved by the generosity of another.

It could have been the time when a neighbor brought us groceries after we came home from my father-in-law’s funeral.  Or when my friend gave me an angel after I lost my baby.  There were the times when my sister-in-law let me sob on her shoulder or my brother just hugged me.  I can’t forget all the dinners brought to me and my family when we had our baby or when we struggling while I was bed rest or mourning the death of my husband’s father.  I could write about different friends who took me to lunch and simply asked, “How are you doing? Really?”  There were all the times when our friends watched our boy when I had to go to the hospital, again, in premature labor.

Simple things, like my trashcan being brought up to the gate and treats left on my doorstep.  There were the warm hugs and expressions of gratitude for the service my father-in-law gave in his lifetime.  The sweet counsel from ecclesiastical leaders that came at just the right times.  I saw neighbors wheelbarrowing dirt for us when my husband was just too overwhelmed and I couldn’t help him.  Late night help by another friend when it came to fixing our son’s treehouse.  

I’ll never forget the right-timed meeting of an old friend in a hallway who hugged me and alerted me to a fever.  She caught my infection in time before it spread by a simple hug.  There were nurses who hugged my precious tiny baby longer than necessary, who put bows in her hair and drew pictures on her cups.  

There were all the times my husband went out to find late-night craving fixes and filled my water with “the perfect ice”.  He helped me roll over.  My boy who followed me to pick up everything I dropped.  My sister who came once and just kept me company for a while.  

There are all the people around me who I watch being kind to others, who help my son at school and my neighbors who treat him like their own.  My boy feels safe in his neighborhood and that is a tremendous gift.  My community might have its fault, as all communities do, but I am surrounded by goodness.  

I can only be grateful.

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  1. you are well loved. for good reasons.

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