#Reverb12, Day 22:
What was the greatest gift you received in 2012? 

Time. Always time.

We treat it like a commodity as if we can trade with it, or barter with it, spend it or waste it.  We say it’s valued because we say we have so little of it even though everyone is given the same amount.  Equal amounts doesn’t always mean equal value it seems. Some use it as a measuring tool to compare how they use it as opposed to others. While others don’t bother with it at all and are surprised when one day flows into the next. And in that same span of hours or minutes, or even days, the words “I’m too busy” will flow through the world’s seconds.

Some of the saddest words in the universe are “I’m too busy.” Those three words really say “My life is too full for you. You’re not important to me. I can’t bother with you. Other things come first in my life.”

Time from a person is the greatest gift I ever receive.  When someone gives me time.

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