the razor

Image borrowed from a tattoo artist.

I didn’t post a blog post yesterday.  It wasn’t because I didn’t have it done or I was grumpy or lazy.  Or any other of the usual reasons.  It was purely because of something silly.  I spent far too much time yesterday in a flurry of complication.

I wanted to include a picture of a table in yesterday’s post and I had one already.  Only I had lost this picture when my phone became possessed by Satan not too long ago.  Thankfully, because of the latest advances in technology, this picture was on the internet.  Unthankfully, I couldn’t retrieve it because I am far too educated in book smarts to figure out something practical. I couldn’t figure out how to do the screen capture on my laptop.  I download a screen capture app and couldn’t figure that out.  I was getting more and more frustrated.

Finally, after too many hours to admit, I put it away. I’d figure it out later.

And I did.  This morning I realized I had the table in my family room and could just take a new picture of it and didn’t have to use the old picture at all.

On this fourth day of November, I am extraordinarily grateful for Occam’s Razor:  Simpler theories should be considered before being traded for a more complex one.  If only I was grateful for this yesterday.

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