Temple Attendance: Peace, be still

Provo City Center Temple

I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. As an active member of the church, I attend the temple to perform sacred ordinances. Throughout this past year I have had persistent and recurring dreams regarding a temple being built in a nearby community and I being at that temple. (A good friend of ours is a photographer. If you’d like to see some beautiful photographs of these buildings, you can check out his work at his website.)

In this dream, I always leave after a day of service and walk home.  The leaves around me begin to change as if it is autumn as I walk — I can see the foliage turning colors with each step I take.  This seems to alarm me but as I walk quicker the color changes even faster.  Soon, I am running because I am being chased and I begin to run back towards the safety of the temple.  However, I see the temple is on fire.  As I run closer to the temple the leaves change to even brighter autumn colors and I always wake up as I arrive at the temple doors.

I would like to believe that my “Inner Self” is confirming to me that continuous temple attendance will bring me comfort and safety through coming year — and this is what the changing leaves mean. I believe that no matter what changes will come, or how quickly they might come, if I direct my heart towards the temple and the calm it brings me, then I will feel secure during a tumultuous time. I do not believe the fire is a negative thing. I believe the fire in this case is a symbol for healing and purification. I believe that no matter the chaos in my mind or heart, the temple will settle the storms in my mind.

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