Music is powerful.  Think of one song that you turn to time and again, and describe why it’s important to you.


My grandmother had Alzheimer’s Disease.  I don’t have a great many memories of her when she was healthy.  I have a glimpse of a memory of when she was tending me once and she killed a spider.  I thought she was the bravest woman in the world because she said she was terrified of spiders.  I have a whisper of a memory of her calling me her “little rascal”.  But a very soft and quiet memory sometimes comes to mind.  If I close my eyes and listen tightly to the cobwebs tapping the windows in my mind, I can hear her singing, “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine…”

Grandma, who died when I was 19 and I never knew her, “you’ll never know dear, how much I love you,” but I collect the memories as I do treasures.

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One thought on “Sunshine”

  1. Sarah says:

    This song is so important to me, too! My grandfather used to sing it, and my parents would sing it to us all the time, too. For a long time I thought it was a primary song because it was often sung in conjunction with "I am a Child of God" and "Teach Me to Walk in the Light" when rocking.

    I've sung it to all three of my children. Two memories in particular stand out: when my oldest was somewhere around a year and a half old, she climbed into my arms and said "dundine", wanting me to sing it to her. It was also part of my oldest son's family memorial.

    To me, Gene Autry sings it the best (of the professionals, at least).

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