Shenanigans Need Not Apply

Party.  What social gathering rocked your socks off in 2010?  
Describe the people, music, food, drink, clothes, shenanigans.

Where there are shenanigans you will usually find somebody from my family.  Between someone in the adult (I use the term loosely) age bracket and the children, somebody is usually up to something.  We don’t really need to invited anybody else to family parties to bring any extra shenanigan-ing along.  If that were to happen, it would be busting out through the windows.  
I can’t say there is a particular social gathering that “rocked socks off”.  In my family, we try to keep our socks from rocking off.  We’re just funny that way.  But I did refer to my pictures again to see if any stood out.  I won’t include any with this post because I don’t want to impose on their privacy, especially in light of how much more traffic I am receiving in honor of #Reverb10.  Usually I only have about five followers, and that includes mostly my family.
I especially needed our family parties this year — more so than the average year.  I grew to really appreciate them and each person.  I love them my brothers and sisters (counting my in-laws).  I love their children and the impact they’ve made in my life as I’ve become an aunt.  These children are the reason why I stay, in this place so far from my ocean.  I couldn’t even imagine being far away from seeing them grow up.  We’ve become lax in celebrating their birthdays with our former lunches, but I remember each one and don’t want to impose on their busy schedules now.  And all the little ones are our treasures.  
Our family gatherings gave me stability this year.  And laughter.  And reliability.  We have shared jokes and blow up gingerbread houses (which I really hope we’re doing again this year).  All of us have a quirky sense of humor and share inside jokes.  We catch each other when we fall.  Most importantly, we want to see each other succeed.  
And if there are just a few illegal fireworks involved, then that’s okay, too.
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5 thoughts on “Shenanigans Need Not Apply”

  1. Jonathan says:

    I love the family stuff, but I really enjoy the fireworks! xoxo

  2. Muse says:

    "Our family gatherings gave me stability this year. And laughter. And reliability." I remember this feeling fondly. I'm so glad it was part of your year!

  3. it's nice when you get to the point of wanting to see each other succeed. keeping the illegal fireworks, of course.

  4. I love what you said about family gatherings stabilizing you. Its so true.

  5. We catch each other when we fall.

    That is the best definition of family.

    And shenanigans.

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