Shaking things up.  Looking towards 2012, what can you do to shake things up a little next year?

My life has been shaken a lot in the last couple years.  It has been all topsy turvy and round about.  Tuesdays felt like Fridays while other days felt like yesterdays.  I look forward to a year of settling down in 2012, not shaking up.

I crave a year in which my only uncertainty centers on what to wear and what to cook for dinner.  I want Laundry Fridays again and scheduled walks with the baby.  I want Clean Sheet Sundays and Grocery Store Mondays.  I want my routine back.

I want predictability to shake on me from pepper shaker, with enough calmness to make me sneeze.  Not with miserable coldandfluish sneezes, but with the new morning sneezes that come when I wake up in the morning.  

There will be room for excitement and surprises, of course there will be, but I’m allowing more space for serenity and even-temperedness.  Gentle boundaries are moving in and neatly trimmed hedges instead of the usual walls will spring up.  Goals and aspirations will once again be welcome — ambition, too, in moderation.  

There will be no shaking in 2012, not unless you count the shaking that comes with anticipation of good things.  The tremors of excitement.  No other shaking other than shaking out the tumult of the last couple years from the blankets.  With a fling of my wrists it will all fly out and I will settle that blanket down.

Settling down.  I wish to settle on the hill of 2012 and watch its clouds fly over head, the grass beneath me and the sun befreckling.  The only hint of shaking will be the wind in the trees, fresh from canyon, and I may finally close my eyes and dream.

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4 thoughts on “Settle”

  1. Jason says:

    I hope you find the serenity that you long for. I wish it for you. There is no shame in needing life to settle down and give you time to catch your breath.

  2. ah, yes, this sounds so lovely. I felt the same way about this year, always just slightly off-kilter, never caught up, never settled in.
    i love the way you wrote this, here's to freshly washed and smoothly folded days ahead.

  3. Michael says:

    Routine is atop my 2012 resolution list. I love routine, long for it; clear of chaos and interruption. I just can't create when the house is shaking. I'm with you; shake it up, no thanks.

  4. Liz says:

    this is lovely, and makes so much sense. I desire this too, it surprises me, but yes, I would like this too.

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