Running before walking. And back again.

Try.  What do you want to try next year? Is there something you wanted to try in 2010? 
What happened when you did/didn’t go for it?

All through 2010 I wanted to get back to running.  I say this with a little bit of a sneer because I wasn’t ever a real runner to begin with.  I was a fake runner.  I was able to get into a decent enough shape to run one 5K.  I say this with another sneer.  A Sneer (capital “S”) because that 5K was a pathetic display of human performance.  My goal was to finish.  That was it.  Just finish.  I didn’t care about any particular time and I walked for most of it, talking with a friend who hadn’t trained at all. I could have run the entire way if I chose to do so, but fearing what would happen if I tried I just walked instead.  I ran the last block and I finished with a time of just under 44 minutes.

Not the greatest, but pretty good for somebody who never ran unless she was being chased. 

All this was in 2009.  I never really ran again since then.  All my running since 2009 has been in my head, and by now I’m a marathoner.  This past year however, I’ve wanted to run more.  In fact I would look at my treadmill and think how much I’ve missed it.  I think.

In this upcoming year I want to get back to running, the real running. I’m through with the marathons in my head and running from the internal ghosts.  I want to get back to the real and tangible physical goals I make as I challenge myself.  When I ran that 5K (okay walked) there were moments when I could feel and hear my own heart beat; I could feel warm in spite of the snow that fell around me – because of course it began to snow.

I felt alive even when I felt like I was dying.  And I want to experience it all over again.  
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  1. yes. that is why i run.

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