Refiner’s Fire

It’s been tough being grateful the last couple days.  I’ll be honest.  The hostilities of the election (now over) were almost too palpable.  The behavior of the citizenry was shameful, on both sides.

But in my heart, though I quietly retreated, I was thankful.  So thankful for the bright yellow of the poplar trees in our backyard.  I love how they wave in the wind and sparkle through my kitchen window.  Our fall colors are beautiful this year, and I love watching them dance.

I packed away the Halloween decorations and pulled out the Thanksgiving pilgrims and turkeys.  I love to decorate for the holidays, and once September 1st hits, my home is decked out until Valentines Day.  My son likes to tease me, but I know he loves it.  I love my home to feel loved and cheerful.  I want it to feel like a home. And while I do not care for the far too coordinate decorations (though they are so lovely), I do love the feel my house has during the holiday season.  I love the thrill I have when I find “just the right thing” and bring it home for its “just the right spot”.  I am so grateful my home is one where my children feel my love for them.  And they know I love to make it a home.

As the nation erupted in election hysteria, my heart also felt its own kind of squeezing angst.  It has been a difficult week for me.  With tumbling emotions.  I am grateful to be the woman I am now.  I have felt the fragility that comes from struggle and I have felt the strength that has come from overcoming it.  But I am so very grateful to have walked out of the fire that I was once in, because I know that I can now face any flame.



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2 thoughts on “Refiner’s Fire”

  1. Tracy Mangold says:

    You can face and come through anything. It has been a touch election cycle… I’m so glad it is over. Thank goodness for the beauty of the holiday season.

    1. I just put a few more little Thanksgiving decorations. I so love this season and the balm it gives to our heart.

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