Rainbow Warrior

"Warrior", Photo by Brad Morrison

If I say “Mother Warrior”, you say/see/think/feel, etc…

I asked Brad the same thing as Jeanne Hewell-Chambers and assured him that any interpretation would be fine. He could write a memoir piece, an essay, take a photograph… Honest, Brad, anything! What came next was a series of emails from him: What about this? Could I do this? Or how about that?

You’re killing me Brad.

Truth be told, I was hoping he would contribute a photograph and I think it is absolutely perfect.


"Warrior", Photo by Brad Morrison
“Warrior”, Photo by Brad Morrison


Brad, @GeekinHard
Brad, @GeekinHard


According to Brad, he is a, “maple syrup chugging, technology loving, motorcycle riding, pinko-commie who lives in Toronto (Canada, eh) with his very patient wife and Spawn v1 and v2.” You can read his blog Geekin’ Hard where you can also see more of his awesome photographs, follow him on Twitter and get to know his quirky sense of humor. (He and I call that personality).

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