Pioneer Posse

Pioneer Posse

#Reverb15: Day 10

When we heal our spirits the ripples are felt from the highest branches to the deepest roots of our family trees.
What radical act of love or non-conformity did you embrace this year? How did performing this alchemy affect your ancestors and what is the gold waiting to be shared with future relations?


I have been drawn to intuitive healing this year, something that I have always felt connected to in many ways but have never pursued. My husband and son have already learned that when Feel Something that it is best for them to take note and heed whatever it is I tell them. Some may dismiss this as a heightened sense of mother’s intuition, and perhaps it is something instinctual rather than anything else, but this was the year I wanted to discover more about myself and how where I fit in the mystical world around me.

Seeing an intuitive was not a leap of faith for me. I believe that everyone has different spiritual gifts that might not be readily understood by temporal minds. However I also know that seeing an intuitive would not necessarily be embraced by everyone I love in my life. Many would lump intuitives with the occult or Voldemort’s Dark Arts which is not the case, even if there might be some intuitives who use their abilities for unethical means. I needed to experience a healing because I needed to feel a spiritual connection between what I had already gained from therapy and counseling. I needed a bridge.

My intuitive, I’ll refer to her as L since I don’t want to impose on her privacy, did more than tell me the color of my aura and clear my chakras — which feels amazing, by the way — she was able to read my aura and explain why it was that color. Most importantly, L confirmed for me that all the times I felt my pioneer ancestors nearby were true — they surrounded me. Not only that, they really are as badass as I have always thought.

Every time I go to see L my ancestors come with me. I joke with her how they all pile into the car with me and tell me how to drive. When I am healed, they are healed. They hold my hand and lead me, comfort me, and know me. L tells me that these ancestors also had the same sense of intuition and that is what helped them survive; it helps me survive. We are all part of the same ribbon burning off the frayed edges.

I felt it was time to take my son to L a few months ago. He had been struggling with the depression that is tossed through our genetics like an unwanted gift. He too has been surrounded by his pioneer family. They have fussed over him, patted his cheeks, and tsk-tsk’d whenever he enters the room. I feel them looking him over and checking his weight, making sure he’s eating enough and looking to see if he’s cut recently, then letting go of the breaths they’ve held in relief when they see that he’s improving.

We have a pioneer posse, you see, they just happen to all be deceased.

Seeing an intuitive is probably not a big deal to some but it was an act of self-love in my life. I can feel the strength growing rootward. We will be unstoppable.

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