Travel.  Did you visit anywhere new this year?  Any plans to travel next year?

This past year I encountered demons while traveling to the past.  I faced dragons in my dreams and conquered former enemies.  I slew beasts of imagination that dogged my every step.  I stamped my passport in triumph as I went through customs at dark borders.  I became fluent in languages that expressed disappointment, criticism, despair, depression and finally, hope.  

I traveled.  I entered ports.  I broke bread with foreigners who took the shape of Rumor, Innuendo, Gossip and Malevolence and walked away unscathed.  I even left a tip: Class.  

I was a guest at Death’s door this year; he tried to lure me in while Heaven’s gate was fresh with flowers bidding my daughter goodbye.  As intoxicating as Death is, I refused his invitation — again — and he stood there watching me as I walked away.

I taveled to the graveside and met Mourning there, we visited and came acquainted with each other. We cried together and held hands, dried each other’s tears and smiled wearily.  And then he left, a weary visitor, in order to attend to other guests.

In my journeys I found Friendship, Understanding, Peace, and Resolution.  I also had dessert with Reconciliation and Past.  We agreed to not meet again; it was an uncomfortable visit but a necessary one.  

I am travel weary, having collected many miles this past year.  The next year will find me packing suitcases in order to leave baggage behind while also collecting new memories in its place.  However, I plan to travel easier, sailing on the tides wherever they might take me.  I won’t worry so much about pins on a map.  I will only keep my face towards the horizon for I hear the sun rises there.

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  1. Oh, my friend…what a road you have traveled. May the new year see you setting your burdens down and resting awhile with Comfort & Love.

  2. Michael says:

    Homer had a lesser journey, but I suppose those were simpler times. Your journey brought you strength and compassion, a commendable combination.

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