It’s easy to become discouraged in this world.  We try to be optimistic about our future and the future we want to create for our children but for some reason optimism is discouraged.  Why is that?  Why do people want to tear down others?

I woke up the other day, for the first time in my pregnancy, feeling really good.  Really healthy.  It has been six months!  I had energy.  I felt light (that says a lot) and I felt encouraged.  I am finally off bed rest — mostly anyway — and other than having to use the bathroom incessantly — I felt like normal.  Ok, so I had to use the bathroom a lot before I was pregnant, too, but this is ridiculous.  I can’t remember who I talked to that day, but I made the mistake of saying how great I was feeling.  This person rained on my pregnancy parade by telling me, basically, to enjoy that day because I would probably feel pretty crummy the next day, or the day after, or the day after that. 

I felt so deflated.

Instead of allowing me my moment of feeling really good, I was short changed.  Because wouldn’t you know?  About two hours later I was back to throwing up. 

It seems like we live in a society of Chicken Littles.  Nobody dares to allow anyone a few moments of joy or celebration for fear of this celebratory joy might spread.  Heaven forbid anybody feel good about themselves then they might not buy BS beauty products or enter wasteful gym contracts.  If people had genuine self-esteem based on happiness that was supported by family then happy and healthy lifestyles would be a natural consequence.  No, instead everybody needs to tear down each other so everyone is equally miserable and no one is prospering.  Of course this makes sense. 

Deep down, what fuels this fire is resentment though  nobody will be willing to admit it.  Resentment, pride and jealousy.  And until people are willing to shake off their own feelings of resentment of others, their own pride and unwillingness to change, and admit they are jealous of whatever it might be, they will never be happy and do whatever it takes to not allow others to be happy as well.  Which is sad because I own my own happiness; I create it for myself and my family.  For too long I have let others impact it and in the past year I have learned to keep our happiness safe.

I can only hope and pray others can learn to do the same.

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  1. you are so right. about all of it. and i love you for that. and i hope that you are feeling better.

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