outside the window

When it comes to visions, I have plenty.  It is usually the follow through I have problems with.  However, now that I am in a position where I’m finally closing certain chapters in my life, I am feeling untethered. I no longer feel bound by sorrows.  I’ve packed them up and sent them away.

Because of this, I am able to see visions as Visions.  I am finally able to see and fulfill what I have always longed to do.  I am permitting myself to step forward when I want to do something.  I take balloons when offered to me.

And so now it isn’t so much finishing what I have started as it as starting to begin with.  I have started belly dancing classes, I am enrolling in yoga instruction, I am planning to take up cake decorating again.  I find myself looking at garden plans and wanting to learn how to sew.

Life has become more about building walls to protect myself and my family, it’s now about looking far past the windows to see what I can do.  The sun is out now and I am so grateful for its warmth.

Prompted by:  “… [D]ecide to notice your big, juicy vision when it sneaks into the corners of your life.”  by Abby Kerr for A Year With Myself

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