laugh off

Lots of laughing these days.


I have many excuses to be angry lately.  Not just a little bit mad or even a little annoyed.  If I ate my hurt feelings lately I would be a Vegas buffet — but a lot less tacky.  Something happened tonight that I should have really reacted to.  In fact, I have every right to be not only angry about what has happened, but extraordinarily hurt.

Instead, I laughed.  Just laughed.  Because really, what else can be done?  I’ve already been through hell and back so many times in the last few years that I don’t need any more damn souvenirs.  And I just can’t be bothered anymore with irrelevant emotion, especially when it comes at the hands of those who are not worthy of emoting.

I am so very grateful for the gift of laughter.  May it grace my life and heart for years to come and may it always be my constant companion.

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4 thoughts on “laugh off”

  1. Sara Rose says:

    Sometimes, it’s just easier and better. Obviously we have things to talk about. Gemela dulcita! MWAH.

    1. Definitely easier and better. And no, there really isn’t much more (that’s new) to talk about. Lots of mushy gushy love to you! xo

  2. amanda says:

    Amen to this!

    1. Right? People are so high stress these days.. so much easier and far more pleasant to laugh!

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