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#Reverb12: Day 14
What was the most important thing you learned in 2012?

IMG_20121123_172939In a home I like to keep in order, I learned that order can wait when my little beans want to play.  I learned that there is always time to cuddle teddy bears and baby dolls. We always have moments to build toothpick rafts or listen to kids music on the radio. There will always be room in the schedule for my 12 year old and 17 month old to charge each other down the hallway on their bellies using only their feet to propel themselves towards one another. Every day is the perfect day to be mauled by  a toddler.


I also learned that laughter can usually dissipate most annoyances. Having my front yard filled with neighborhood children playing and mischief-making creates beautiful music and finding the word “butt” on your driveway can make you laugh every single day.  I am blessed to live in the neighborhood I do — I could have found far worse written on my driveway and the kids on my street could be up to far more destructive things than this.

Laughing at “butt” isn’t too bad at all. IMG_20121214_091858

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