justice ain’t (color)blind

Dear Small Town Police:

I’ve let this simmer in my heart and mind for a few months now so that I wouldn’t be too angry when I finally wrote you.  And yet, it seems that the longer I wait the longer the indignation seems to boil slowly.  It suffocates me, this frustration I have, and what’s worse, it impacts the faith I am supposed to have in you — the people who supposedly protect us.  But really, you have not protected all of us; you have protected only those you have chosen.  A select few who deserve it.  And then you persecute others needlessly who — in comparison — are not threats to the public at large.

Need to be reminded?

The issue fresh in my mind would be one in which a good woman has been accused of inappropriate behavior between herself and a young man.  This is just an accusation.  And yet, Small Town Police, you pursued an investigation against this woman for over a year and a half when she has not ever even been a suspect in something similar.  Of course she hasn’t.  And yet, because this young man (who is white) says so, you have been out to destroy her life.  One would think that if the allegations would true, it would not have taken more than a year and a half to create a circumstantial case against this woman.

Small Town Police, how many young women have been sexually assaulted or abused in your town?  Worse, how many young women have been sexually assaulted by older men who display textbook predator-characteristics?  I can think of several.  And how many of these men have you relentlessly pursued?  I would think that it would have been at least a year and a half, right?  Especially if that’s how long you spent going after this woman.  So my question is this:  Why haven’t any of these young women been vindicated?

What I mean, Small Town Police, is you have not pursued the allegations against the men in the cases involving these young women and yet the moment a young man said something about this woman you saddled up your horses and were ready to string her up.  After over a year and half of so-called investigation, she’s facing trial.

The reality is whether you want to face it or not, and is most obvious to anyone who pays attention, is that this boy is white.  And these young women?  Well, they’re Mexican.  Of course this shouldn’t matter and I know you’ll insist that it doesn’t and maybe you’ll bluster around with tales of jurisdiction and other bull-shitish language.  Perhaps you’ll even cough up stories of evidence against this woman who has been accused; to me, that is not of importance at this  moment.  What is important is that while one white young man supposedly has been violated, countless other Mexican young women have been assaulted and worse.  You have been told.  You have been given names and addresses of the perpetrators and you have done nothing.

So really, Small Town Police, who is the greater threat?  A woman who may or may not have made a terrible mistake, years ago?  Or an organization who perpetrates systemic sexual assault?  Because that’s you.

Open your eyes.  Everybody is entitled to your protection.  Not just white people who live in your community, and especially not just white males in your community.  You have to protect everybody — whether you want to or not.  And if you close your eyes to crime against minorities then you are just as culpable as the predators.  You took an oath to never betray the community’s trust and that implies the entire community; you don’t get to pick and choose.

Small Town Police, excellent investigative work on this one.  You removed a tender-hearted woman off the streets who could never have children of her own and would empty her bank accounts for someone else.  Good job.  Meanwhile, the young man is high-fiving friends and girls aren’t safe in your town.  It’s a proud day for your force.


A Disgusted Citizen

C. Streetlights
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4 thoughts on “justice ain’t (color)blind”

  1. little light says:

    You know I woke up from a nightmare about this last night.
    It seemed almost spooky, to see these words here.
    I am so tired of bullies with badges.
    It’s so long over due for a change…
    Now what can we do?

  2. Sara Rose says:

    Have you secretly been living here this entire time? Because thats the kiund of stuff that does down DAILY. UGH.

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