My children will do it differently — If you could choose one thing that your children will do or experience in a different way than you have, what would it be and why?

My children are my gift to the world.  I love them with a passion that burns inside me and is inexplicable.  If I could guide them by the hand and walk them each down their path I would, not so I could make their choices for them, but only so I could spend that much more time with them.  

And so, when I saw this prompt this morning it struck every chord of maternal instinct in me at once.  I would love to choose things and experiences for my children, each of them, and design their worlds.  I haven’t made many mistakes in my life, but there are a few.  I have had many sorrows that I would want my children to never experience. However, it is not so much choosing the One Thing I want my children to do differently.  No, it is All The Things I Wish to Gift Them.

If I could hold their little faces in my hands, I would say to them:

My Dearest Joys:

In this world there is may be such sorrow.  Hold on to the light inside you to scatter the dark away.

People will want to silent your voices. Speak louder.

There may be times when you want to stifle your laughs.  Toss your head back and send your mirth to the wind. 

Moments will pass in the night of your heart.  Faith will make the sun rise. 

 Doubt will tug at your heels and try to make you walk slower.  Keep your chin up and point your toes. 

Fear will sometimes make you feel like building walls around yourself.  Serving others will take the bricks down. 

The world is big and you will feel small.  You have to be small so your mind can grow larger. 

Your hearts might want to break at times.  Stretch your hearts to accept your life’s love and they will be unbreakable.

There are some who genuinely will want to see you fail.  Don’t think for a minute you have to please them. 

Breathe. Laugh often.  Embrace your joy.  Love yourselves.  Have charity.  Hold hands.  Fly.

You are the beats of my heart,

C. Streetlights
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9 thoughts on “Heartbeats”

  1. Stereo says:

    There isn't a single thing that I or anyone could add to this. It is beautiful and brought me close to tears.

  2. This. This is what it is to be a mother. With every line of your letter, my heart sang out in recognition.

  3. What a great post. One of my favorites of the day. 29 days to go too. can't wait for more.

  4. Cinderita says:

    I don't think I could've said it better than B (Geekin' Hard) did. Exactly that. Wow.

  5. Tracy says:

    Love this. So eloquent, pure and true. Thank you!

  6. oh my. yes. beautiful and perfect and exactly the way i have always pictured you as a mama

  7. Michael says:

    This I would give to my own children; it is just right; joy and responsibility.

  8. mark says:

    What He said.

  9. "Breathe. Laugh often. Embrace your joy. Love yourselves. Have charity. Hold hands. Fly." THIS

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