#Reverb12, Day 16:
Who inspired you in 2012, and why?

20121122_145702My children, who grow and explore every day, inspire me daily. My children, who see everyday as a day to play and see the world as an innocent place, are growing up to be tremendous people.

My son is so caring and genuine. He is smart and creative.  He always sticks up for kids who are being picked on at school and helps kids who have disabilities. My little boy has always been tender-hearted, and he loves to play with kids who are younger than he is just so he can make sure they are being taken care of and having fun. He reminds me to have fun, to laugh daily and to relax. He has the best sense of humor and so it is easy to laugh when he is around.  My son truly is a genuine spirit. He wants to please people while being true to himself. While I worry for him, as all mothers do, I am confident that he will grow up to be a remarkable young man.

And then there is my baby girl. She was a fighter from the moment she moved into the womb. She pushed and kicked me, letting me know that she would do things her way no matter what. And she has. She came early and stayed in NICU for ten days before coming home. Since then, my little girl has done things on her own time. She roars through this house and delights us daily with her adventures. She truly is my little dragon, hiding her treasures, and protects her baby dolls. Like her brother, she is also tender-hearted. She pats my cheeks and gives me love when I scold her, her whole world in tatters because I’ve told her “no”. Soon, everything happy again and she is off playing.

My children inspire me to be not only a better mother but also a better woman. I am their example of what it means to be “a good person”.  An honest person.  A charitable person.  They will look to me to be their guide and their constant source of love and comfort. They are my inspiration and my heartbeats. My little loves.

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    1. Thank you Noel! I’m glad that you let me indulge in my mama gushing 🙂

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