Fortuitous Me

It has been a long year, this year of 2010.  My little family has aged beyond its years.  There were days this year when, for me, it was about getting through the day and praying I could get through the next.

Sitting around the table tonight at my parents’ house, my sister-in-law said, “We should share what we are grateful for.”  To be sure, she was trying to divert our attention away from the topic of coffins that had dominated the conversation for awhile (don’t ask), but she was right — we should have been reflective on our gratitude on this day of Thanksgiving.  Some of us tossed off some silly and facetious things and finally I said, “I am thankful that our year has ended happy and successful.”

My father… as per usual… had to contribute this, “Well, the year isn’t over yet.”

***insert crickets chirping***

People tried to “fix” it up, but the bomb had been dropped.  Essentially, though, and what I said was this:  “It’s true.  The year isn’t over yet. And I’m glad, because after the year we’ve had, I still have a month left to fill with more good things.”
I have been blessed with many hardships this year.  The beginning of 2010 has been very difficult for my little family.  However, I choose to be grateful for them, for they have caused me to grow and have humbled me to my knees.  Because of this, I have been able to become more reliant on others and on my husband to help me in ways that I have never had to before.  I’ve learned to appreciate my relationships more.  My hardships have made me more reflective and empathetic to others.  
Being grateful for what I don’t have has made me more appreciative for what I might have later in the future.  So yes, while the year isn’t over yet, and I am grateful it isn’t. This just means I have more time to be fortunate for 2010, both all the things I did not have this year and the things that might yet to come.
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5 thoughts on “Fortuitous Me”

  1. Why are some years so hard? :/ Sending a big hug your way, and hoping for much peace and happiness for you and your family!

  2. cari says:

    Wow. That sister-in-law of yours is a wise one. (kidding of course!) 🙂

    Don't listen to Daddy. This year IS ending on an extremely happy note! And next year is going to be even better. 🙂

  3. jo miller says:

    I love this post. I love the feeling of strength and belief in yourself that you express so well.
    I love how the Lady of this post is moving on,holding her head up high and moving forward.

    This made me think and reflect. This inspired me. What value you have as a writer.
    Enjoying your blog.

  4. rly says:

    I will have to go back and read about what's happened to you this year! I'm sorry to hear that there have been hardships this year… but what doesn't kill us makes us stronger! Happy thanksgiving old friend. Are you back in town? Many years ago, I ran into your mom at a gas station. It was nice to catch up a bit. Please give them my love.

  5. Maybe I haven't read far enough back, but I don't know about your hardships. But I do know that your writing soothes and inspires me. I do know that just seeing your name makes me smile. And I do know that in the relatively short time I've known you, you have turned funny. Philosophical and pfunny. A fine mix in my book. (I also know that I'm tickled pink that you're participating in #reverb10.) (Oh, and I also know that I love this post.) (Huh. Knowing all these things . . . does that make me smarter than I look? Has to.)

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