Author! Author!  Share with us the title and inside jacket cover of the book you’d most like to write.

Oh this is so far into Someday that I can’t even fathom it.  But if I were to imagine it this is what I see:

If I Could Make Out With Life, I Would

Biography never ending.  Life.  Joy.  Family.  Wife.  Mother.  Friend.  Beach.  Mountains.  Teacher.  Giver.  Music.  Laughter.  Dance!  Sleeping in.  Mascara.  Baking.  Sunshine.  Photography.  Seashell wonderer.  Dragon-slayer.  Baby rocker.  PTA volunteer.  Hopeless checkbook balancer.  Reader.  Haphazard gardner.  Domestic amateur.  Professional daydreamer.  Taker of  miles.  No shame.  Survivor.  Builder.  Windmills.  Nurturer.    Lover.  Talker and converser.  To Kill a Mockingbird.  Ancestors.  Weeper.  Reluctant truster.  Ice cream.  Open-hearted hugger.  Dr. Pepper(secret).  Disneyland.  Parade clapper.  Runner down hills.  Bubble blower.  Rainbow seeker.  Canyon walker.  Smithsonian.  Charity.  Tide chaser.  Freckled.  Word spinner.  Huckleberry.  Lover.  California born.   Youngest.  Oldest.  Everything in betweenest.  Stopper for life.  Alive.  Firework lover.  Kapow!   Red shoes.  Red! Red! Red!  Hair in curls(sometimes).  Baby cuddler.  Wisteria.  Faith.  Humility.  Hope.  Atticus Finch, hero.  One perfume woman.  Appointment book keeper.  Luncher.  Sister.  Aunt.  Love.  Love. Love.  More.  Less.  Me.

C. Streetlights
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I wrote and illustrated my first bestseller, "The Lovely Unicorn" in the second grade and I've been terrified of success ever since. Published by ShadowTeamsNYC and represented by Lisa Hagen Books

4 thoughts on “entitled”

  1. If I could Make Out With Life, I would.

    Best title, ever! And so perfectly, exactly you.

    I love the way you did this. LOVE!

  2. Cinderita says:

    wait a second! I would've done that if I'd known I could've. haha! nice one!

  3. Michael says:

    "I'm your huckleberry." ~ You're the only girl I know that knows that. You are so…all that.

  4. Sara Rose says:

    LOVE IT. I'll be catching back up this week, finally! Stay tuned!

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