Teaching moment.  Sometimes we find teachers in the most unexpected places.  Who surprised you as a teacher this year, and what did you learn?

My teachers this year were silent and I met them in a classroom of dust.  Their lessons were made of tears and heartbreak, yet the curriculum’s objective was 


moving on

courage through adversity


honor in sorrow

And I was their attentive student.  Listening to their quiet.  Closing my eyes and hearing the rhythmic lectures in the wind.  I heard them whispering.  I wrote standards in my heart

I know you.I remember you.I feel you. 

I left my teachers there, in their classrooms, waiting.  I won’t be back; they don’t need me to return.  I won’t find them there if I did.  

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3 thoughts on “dust”

  1. Sara Rose says:

    We write our books and become Mrs. America together. But this was particularly beautiful.

  2. I love this, and I love the photo. And I love how we all keep teaching each other.

  3. mark says:

    Wow. That is so very cool.

    So, when do you write a book?

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