Three Wishes.  If a genie could grant you three wishes for 2012, what would they be?

Three wishes… three wishes… what would they be?  Should it be the usual dream vacation that many people long for, or a year with no health problems?  Maybe it would center on having enough financial resources so we don’t have to worry about financial resources.  It could be a wish regarding my desire to jump into writing more and for my children to be happy. 

And yet, I had to force myself to think of all these things.  I have learned that wishing can not make things happen, nor can I control things like health or happiness of others.  Finances won’t dramatically change in a year’s time.  And so what could I possibly wish for that I don’t already have?

I have my beautiful children who light up eyes when I speak of them.  I have a best friend for a husband who goofs off with me when I need it.  I am fortunate to have a great family, a brother and sister, who I know would drop anything to help me if I needed them.  I have a faith that continues to fill emptiness.  My home is a happy and quiet one, if maybe dusty and things not always put away.  I have a small neighborhood of people I can trust.  I have a rice cooker so I don’t burn the rice.  Hardships of the past are becoming distant memories with blurred edges and I have a wisteria that grows.

I want to set my wishes free.  I will blow them off the stem like a dandelion and let them flitter through the wind, settling down where they might see fit.  Let someone else who needs them more than I do find and cast them.  On the days I do feel wishful, and maybe more wistful than anything, I will climb into my son’s treehouse, tilt my head back and whisper my desire into the sky to let it fall upon a star.

Until then, I am content.

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