community, as i see it

A community I love.  Tell us about one that moves you.

The community I love is wherever I linger the longest.  It is where I can laugh freely and my eyes are light.  I am able to walk without worry and hold my children close because I love them, not because I am afraid.  The air is clear here and the flowers bloom where I step.

The community I love is where my loved ones, near and far, are always at the gate.  Bees never sting.  Confidence is always called for but never challenged.  This is where my heart is happiest and my rice never burns.

The community I love never requires laundry to be done and the fridge is always clean.  I never have to carpool here because the kids are always where they need to be.  I can bake and cook all day and not worry about dishes; even the dusting won’t matter.  

Nobody cares about politics in this community — since these things can’t be controlled anyway.  We only keep informed to be informed.  There are no raised voices or angry exchanges; we all do our best because that’s what matters most.

The community, here, where I love is a place where I don’t have to rush to do errands or get things done on a schedule. My kids know they come first before obligations.  

This community may not truly be real, but the essence of it is what matters.  Where I am so will it be.  

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5 thoughts on “community, as i see it”

  1. Roxanne says:

    Where the rice never burns, I wish to be. Sign me up.

    Lovely post…

  2. Wait — there's somewhere that the rice never burns?? I must find this place! Can I be your neighbor? 🙂

  3. Jason says:

    Once again, your words are awesome, I love the "rice never burns" line. what a great picture.

  4. Can I come and live there, too?
    I love your community.

  5. Liz says:

    Your community is heavenly, I love your community like I love you, my heart leaps at the sweet melody of your wisdom, your great big generous heart, your spirit.

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