Choice and The Professor

“Soon we must all make a choice between
what is right and what is easy.” Albus Dumbledore

Frankly speaking, it is comfortable to choose the easy way. To go with bumper sticker philosophies and adopt fast food mentalities. If anything takes time or is a least bit of struggle then it can easily be discarded for The Next Easy Solution. And if that one doesn’t work, then there is always the next one to be tried and cast aside.

The truth is that very rarely will a Right Choice be easy and will an Easy Choice be right. So the question remains, why then should Right Choices should even have to be made if they are so difficult to make? If Right Choices are so right, shouldn’t they be Obvious to Everyone and therefore, by their transparency, be Easy because there would be no obstacles to achieve their success? Sadly, though, this is not the case. There is too much Noise around us. Too much This and That. We have become too accustomed to wanting things easily done.

What makes the Right Choice, well, right, is the simple fact that it is something that has to be worked for — and there is something to be said for working hard for something worthwhile. Much like a snowflake, a choice that is made will not only be an endeavor that is personal, unique, an individual struggle and fight that is only known to each person, but unfortunately the repercussions of that choice may not be be as individualized. The repercussions can be far-reaching and affect many.Professor Dumbledore was correct when he said that we would soon be in a position where we would have to choose between what is right and what is easy. However, I would contend that we ought to be doing this almost daily. If we are choosing daily to make the Right Choice rather than the Easy Choice then when it comes to The Point when we must make a vital Right Choice it will be easy to do so. After all, isn’t that what we want for our society? To become a society of individuals who find it easy to make the Right Choice rather than the Easy Choice? I would hope so.

We have to just accept the fact that there will be times when the Right Choice will be hard. But though it might be hard, it doesn’t make it any less right.
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