Reinvented Success: 26 Authors Share The Little Things That Matter So You Can Help Yourself Master Confidence, Motivation, and Success

What if you woke up happy and fulfilled every day?

Imagine feeling confident, motivated, and successful. What would life look like if you had the attitudes, discipline, and relationships to achieve anything?

  • You’d write more in less time
  • You’d have more love and connection forever.
  • You’d be UNSTOPPABLE!

“Reinvented” was created to make you powerful. 

It was made for the writer with little time who wants everlasting change with little effort…

…as long as you put in the work by doing the homework.

Learn from 24 authors who share their one secret – the simple and easy thing that gave them a big breakthrough – around success. 

Then complete the corresponding homework to each chapter to get your own breakthrough.

Here’s why it works…

  • Each short story can be read within minutes – when you wake up, between writing sessions, on transit, and during your coffee break!
  • The homework for each chapter can be completed in as little as a few minutes to under a half hour. Be warned: once you start writing you might lose track of time!
  • ‘Before’ and ‘After’ is built into this book. You will have context around what’s opened up in your life because of what you generate on these two one-page statements – The ‘Declaration’ and ‘Results’ statement exercises.


  • 24 short stories that can be read in minutes, organized under three sections that all build on each other from start to end… these are: Health, Discipline, Relationships

  • A month-long course made up of 24 short homework exercises. Each short story has a homework exercise and it is up to you in how you want to complete them!
  • An Afterword lesson in performance and enrolment – so you stay in action, know how to get others to see the value of your writings, and know what to do if you’re feeling down, rejected, or pissed off.

Here’s How It Works…

Reinvented is split into three sections that all build on each other…

  • Part 1 (Health) features 9 stories about the small things that will keep you feeling free and happy – lessons in winning attitudes, being victorious, living a life without regrets, and making the most of terrible circumstances.

  • Part 2 (Discipline) features 9 stories about the little things that will keep you writing freely and consistently no matter what happens – lessons about letting go of attachments, the challenges that grow us, and unleashed creativity.

  • Part 3 (Relationships) features 6 stories about seeking help, gaining allies, and creating an environment that pulls for your success – lessons about trusting mentors, standing up for what you want, and the impact of your communication.

Here’s what one reader (Carmen White) had to say about Reinvented…

“Reinvented” is now my favorite book about Authors, how they write, and on writing.  

I had always wanted to be a writer but never thought I was smart enough to be a writer. Reading this book makes me realize that I am a writer. 

I learned that the Authors’ of this book had some of the same fears as I did.  I said “did”, Past Tense.  

With the putting in the work part of the book (writing exercises) you learn to write through your fears. 

The Authors’ of this book have became teacher’s for Mr through reading.  “Reinvented” became my “Healing through writing.”-Vicki Tapia


Are you ready to be Reinvented?

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