What do I know about my life? What is it that burns inside me, that defines me, that refuses to be confined on paper?  My life is passion.  It’s not defined by passion, it is passion.  My life is blue flame that intoxicates night and sometimes I fear it even when I’m drawn to it.  For all the desire I have to allow myself be engulfed by blue, I will still hold myself back to watch the flame.

What would happen if I fall completely into the blue’s heat?  To feel the passion embrace me like a companion?  I imagine it would be like coming home as a prodigal.  I wasn’t always like this.  Was I?  I don’t know anymore.

All I know is that the passion inside me celebrates life.  It fights for me.  It laughs to be heard and weeps to mourn.  It singes to leave a mark and brands my heart.  This is my life; my life is blue.


Prompted by:  “What do you know about your life… not in your head, but in your heart, your bones, your belly?”  by Julie Daly for A Year With Myself


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6 thoughts on “blue”

  1. This is beautiful. Feels like you’ve been drawn to the flame. I love how you’ve allowed this prompt to move through you.

    1. I am drawn closer and closer, it seems. I can no longer deny it. Thank you for an inspiring prompt, Julie. xo

    1. Thank you, Tracy! I feel much the same about all you write: Wonderful!

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