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My grandparents had an addition to their home built many years before I was born — or at least before I could remember.  It was a fantastic place.  Kept separate from the rest of the house by sliding doors, it was a place I could retreat to and disappear.  I loved to disappear as a child.  I still do as an adult.

Before he passed away, my grandfather gave me Ruth — a statue of the biblical character.  He and I put Ruth back together again after she was broken into millions and millions of pieces.  But I loved her so much.  She stood by their fireplace for as long as I could remember and now she stands by mine. When the time came when my grandpa died, certain other items came into my home. For example,  there is a table downstairs that he and I completed projects on — including Ruth.

However, I have long missed a table that sat by an arm chair in that room.  The chair was a spinning chair and I loved to spin in it.  The table was “the telephone table”.  It held books below the telephone and the required lamp above.  After my grandfather’s funeral, and in much confusion, I did not have a chance to take the this table.  I have long since missed it.  I have missed the beautiful books that were always inside it and the memories I had sitting beside it, spinning and spinning and spinning.

Not too long ago I walked into a random flower shop to send flowers to a friend who had lost her son in a tragic accident.  As I waited for the flowers to be arranged, I walked around the gift shop and guess what I found?

My grandparents’ table. The Replacement.


The florist immediately overcharged me for the table which I happily paid.  Some things must be had, especially when it comes to memories.

I am grateful for filling my home with the pieces of childhood that brought me peace and happiness while, at the same time, leaving out all the things that brought my childhood sadness.

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4 thoughts on “bits n pieces”

  1. Same here. I’m so excited you were able to find that table! Those memories are so special. I too surround myself with things that take me back to those precious times. It’s like a security blanket – a hug that never ends.

    1. Yes, that’s it exactly, Tracy. A hug. I’m so happy I’ve been understood here 🙂

  2. Brandee says:

    I understand this need for connection. I was very close to my grandparents and there are certain things from their home that immediately take me right back to being a little girl in their home. How wonderful to have found a table that matches your grandfather’s telephone table. I am glad that you regained that memory.

    1. I am so glad too! Especially since I wasn’t even looking for it. Now I can’t decide if i want to paint it or not.

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