A Dozen For Me

What are 12 things your life doesn’t need in 2012?  How will you go about eliminating them?  How will getting rid of these 12 things change your life?
Oh I have so much hope for 2012!  It dawns so brightly on the horizon that it promises to bring about a great revolution.  I wish I could hold that feeling in my hands for a moment, just so I could feel that energy.  
I want to leave behind certain things in the shadows of 2011 in order leave room for the newness of 2012.  Like cleaning out closets, I want to refold blankets, straighten out baskets and toss out all that is no longer necessary.
In 2012 there will be:  
1.  Less waiting for the next day and more anticipation for each day, filling it with joy and playfulness.  2. more laughing and less worrying about the past or even the future.  3.  More ice cream cones and less salads, because, really, ice cream cones taste better.  4.  Less passionate eye rolling over things I can’t change and more passionate acts of service in things that I hope I can do some good.  5.   More stairs and less elevators so that I can be healthy for my kids.  6.  More embracing change and less resistance to what I can’t stop.  7.  Less stress and more digging in the dirt of my garden, more feeling the earth in between fingers and under my bare feet.  8.  More homemade granola with chocolate chips and less store bought snacks that fill a void.  What I put in my body represents my soul.  9.  Less appointment-filled days and more time for people who might need my time.  10.  Less insecurity and more confidence in making mistakes, not worrying about perfection.  11.  More time for others and listening to them and less attempts at hiding from people, dodging their conversation.  I can’t live in seclusion any longer.  12.  More becoming who I am and less mourning of who I was.  Who I was was great; who I am now is amazing.
How will all this change my life?  I can’t even dare to presume.  All I can hope is to watch 2012 dawn on the horizon with all its beauty, breathing warmth into my life.  We can hold hands together and turn our backs on 2011, not in disappointment or disrespect, but in farewell, and we’ll walk away together.
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3 thoughts on “A Dozen For Me”

  1. Abigail says:

    I like this very much! SO difficult to live in the moment while being productive and reflective.

  2. Sara Rose says:

    You make me smile. Every day. 🙂

  3. "Who I was was great; who I am now is amazing."

    Yes! I will be holding your hand walking with you down this path. xoxo

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