A certain sort of mad libs

For whatever reason, I’ve tended to avoid prompts that have asked me to “fill in the blank” with a feeling or whatever it might be.  I think it might be because I would feel disingenuous.  I know what the right answer is.  The right answers are usually “free, liberated, at peace, fulfilled” or some other self-actualized adjective.

The truth is, I don’t believe in the whole visualization strategies that many people will advise.  And even now, when those who read this might be visualizing throwing stones at me, it won’t matter because I don’t believe those stones exist.

I know exactly what I need to do in order to let go of insecurities and old hurts.  I know what steps I need to take and to whom I need to speak with.  I am able to articulate the words my heart and mind need to hear.  I simply choose not to do so.  I am a woman of action and I am not ready to do those things yet.  Filling a word on a line isn’t going to make inferiorities go away any faster than keeping a list of them in the first place.

I let go of the balloons one at a time when I am ready to see them dance upon the wind.

Prompted by:  “If I were to let go of my internal record-keeping, the laundry list of all that I’ve done wrong, and all the places in which I feel inferior, sub-par, or less-than, I would feel ______.”  by Ronna Detrick  for A Year With Myself

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  1. that makes 3 of us. there are always the right answers, but that is all they are. answers. the truth is a whole 'nuther animal.

  2. I am with you on this. And that last line… pure magic.

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