When I Realized Clothes Meant More Than Me

CStreetlights Clothes Matter

I really love clothes. Or I did, anyway, until somehow that became not okay. But that’s another topic, the shame that’s thrown onto survivors for loving things that’s just for them. Anyway. I wore a red satin skirt to work once. That’s it. That’s all I got. I wore a red satin skirt and the school imploded. It wasn’t ready …


And so here on this altar built there with stones thrown at me by You And so carefully gathered by Me I finally set down that false image of justice. I toss the match, watch fake promises burn — Their voices like specters dance then howl in the flames. The smoke no longer interests Me.  

My Life Was Stolen

“We need to talk” might be the four worst words exchanged between friends. Generally speaking you know fantastic news won’t be following. It’s not like a person will say, “We need to talk because I have 1500 fifteen hundred cupcakes to give you. Right now.” I  have to tell you: 1500 cupcakes is a definite reason to celebrate. Please contact …