Surprising Myself

A great realization occurred to me yesterday — during that moment right between a traffic light changing from yellow to red — that I can accomplish some remarkable things when I decide to do so.  I don’t really care to list them, these are things meant for quiet conversations when the lights turn off at night and I can’t seem to keep my mouth shut and my sweet husband wants to go to sleep.

It seems to me that when life falls in a great big tumble, a person can either tumble with it or she can attempt to tussle her way out of it.  I suppose I’ve done my fair share of tumbling.  I’ve also done my tussling.  I’m ready to right myself up again and see what happens next. 

Tumbling will happen.  Many times it is out of my control, I have learned. But once the tumbling has been set into motion, it’s what I do with the energy that swirls around me that will shape me. 

I can accomplish a lot with all that energy. It’s really quite surprising when I come to think about it.