ironically from pinterest

Like many people, I am enchanted by Pinterest.  I frequent my boards to find recipes and activities for my children.  I have found useful ideas for gardening and for my home.  I enjoy looking at what friends and strangers alike have pinned and add their pins to my collection.

Last night, though, as I browsed through the various pictures and captions I found myself both laughing and sighing.  I eventually shut it down.  There is just so much “seeking” out there and not enough “finding”.  So much “appearing” and not enough “being”.  While I love seeing the great ideas people are pinning for themselves, their homes and their families, I can’t help but wonder how true they are being to themselves.  It seems that for all the good it is to make goals to improve ourselves, there are times when it is easy for us to slip into “pinning” ourselves onto a board of public appearance — knowing that so much of the public will see what an awesome mother we would be if pin certain things, what a great homemaker we would be, how fashionable we are, or what great vacations we want to take.

It bothers me that clicking on a recipe for a natural face mask will take me to a blog that is entitled Hoping to be Made Beautiful*.  I want to hug that woman and tell her, “You have always been made beautiful.”   Seeing outrageously thin women as “motivation” for exercise and dieting illustrates the inundation of unrealism that permeates the atmosphere.  Mothers who endlessly pin “fun mom” activities on “Do with kids” boards probably exhaust themselves before the activities begin.  You can’t pin time — which is what matters most to kids.  Perfect birthday parties, perfect weddings, baby showers, gender reveal parties (gag), perfect homes, perfect outfits…

Perfection cannot be pinned because perfection does not exist.  A person can not pin his or her way to happiness because happiness is self-created and experienced.

Will I quit Pinterest?  Of course not.  I have pinned valuable things from it.  I have unpinned several things, as well.


*not the actual blog title. obviously.