words that rage on nothing

"words that rage on nothing" by C. Streetlights via @CStreetlights #Word #Rage #Poetry

like smoke, your words consume the wind. blindly reaching out– grasping in desperation. like embers, your words pulse in insecurity. heat madly sparking– failing to ignite. like ash, your words cling to life’s dust. what once raged, is now forgotten– wasted fire on fire’s own insecurity.

Men and Stickers


I’ll be honest, I think about stickers when I start seeing men crawling around women’s Twitter feeds with their “Not all men” replies in response to a woman’s very honest and vulnerable tweet about being sexually harassed. Surely, these are men who need to be given a sticker that reward them for not raping women. I honestly don’t give a …

It’s Not My Problem if You’re Insecure

Your Insecurity is Not My Problem via @CStreetlights

An insecure man stammered his way into my life last week. Like all insecure men, this one hid behind his computer screen and cell phone because he was too much of a coward to face a real person let alone anyone from my household. I use such a generalization because this particular individual has tried to antagonize me before. Some of …