Of open windows and encounters

There is such a thing as wonder and I find it often in the people I encounter. There is the curiosity that comes in phrases that are dropped here and there in conversation, a person not meaning to reveal a bit or a piece of his or her life. An accidental window that opens while I walk past. There are the scars, both physical and emotional, both obvious and hidden, that tend to peak out from under cuffs or collars, or under harsh laughter or tears. So much silent information that passes between us, traveling through time and connection, hoping to land somewhere and be held in some way.

We pass through one another’s spaces, rarely staying long enough to truly make eye contact or to learn the sound of each other’s voices. And yet, even though we lose first names in our memories, or forget the distinctive color of coats they were wearing, something happens. That sense of wonder swirls for a moment in time and for just that moment, for however long it lasts, we know that person. We know that person. We make eye contact, we want to know more, we learn the hum of that person’s energy. And then that moment becomes meaning.

A meaning that remains in our sense of time long past the encounter, leaving its experience there for us to wonder over. Again.