i see you in the storm

i see you in the storm

i see you.
every movement towards sunrise, I notice.
every movement towards lost, my heart skips.
even now, as you
(and stumble until walk again)
i see you.

Once,(upon a time)
when you were a baby,
(that long ago)
i promised i would not ever
,no never, fail you.
you looked to me, i noticed
years ago then, as you
Once(upon a time)

the nights are days(days are nights)
dusk to dawn are lost to skies
all hope is lost(lost is hope)
and i see you still.
you see the seeing
,know the knowing, yet
uncare the caring,
not for lack of care(but care of lacking)
the storm is there in both of us
the two of us, a pair
-of jakes-
-of jaybirds-
-of dreamers-
and i see you.

i see you follow the self-deprecation
this tempest flashes across the sky,
chaotic streams of drops baptizing you
in mad sanctification and
resting in dark asylum.
tempestuous tentacles surround you,
like the swaddling blankets you rejected as a baby,
rocking you(in false consolation)
and this-in both of us-storm
sees me.
and knows.

i will be your lightning rod.