Game of Hearts by Wendy Garfinle

The Game of Hearts, guest post by Wendy Garfinkle

 Wendy Garfinkle is back with a poem to make our hearts think. Last week, Wendy brought with her advice from the Grammar Goddess side of her life, and this week she is sharing the creative touch. I love both sides to Wendy, and I am so grateful that she was willing to grace my page with her beautiful words.


game of hearts

too much trouble,
game of hearts
die a little
each time


stomach roils
bile boils
hot flashes,
+++++(not a menopausal symptom)
are you worth
this anxiety and derangement?


so much easier
so much calmer
to dream and imagine
than to stretch out my hands
and fail to hold on
to a happily ever after


+++++too far
+++++too tight
+++++too much


no mystery to
an open book


game of hearts
grows bitter and sour
upon the tongue

"Game of Hearts" by Wendy Garfinkle Wendy is an over-educated writer and editor who holds multiple degrees from several universities (that’s what happens when you want to do everything!), including MA and MFA in Creative Writing from Wilkes University.

Her debut novel, SERPENT ON A CROSS, originally published in 2012, by Northampton House Press, was re-released with new content by Booktrope in 2014.

She’s authored numerous poems, and is currently juggling several Shiny Things (AKA, Works in Progress). She has served as a copy editor and panel reader for Hippocampus Magazine, as a reader for the James Jones First Novel Fellowship, and as an editor and proofreader for Booktrope and its Gravity Imprint. Her work has appeared in the OCH Literary Society and Feminine Collective, as well as numerous guest posts on colleagues’ blogs.

Wendy’s most recent venture is her freelance editing business, Grammar Goddess Editing. For information on services, fees, author reviews and a visual resume, visit Grammar Goddess Editing.

Wendy is an avid reader and traveler, who loves caffeine, storms and dark chocolate. She works in law enforcement and lives in South Florida with her teenage son.

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